Retold text by Lindha’s, ”Michael Foale’s childhood”

Michael’s childhood
He was a british born astronaut. Michael was a famous astronaut. He was famous because of his space missions.

When Michael Foale was young he watched TV and saw Neil Armstrong on the moon doing a space mission. Then he decided that he wanted to become an astronaut.

Michael Foale’s father went to the Royale Air Force in Akrotiri, Cyprus. Michael got the chance to fly different flights with his father.
Michael went to King’s school, Canterbury, England. He studied physics and astrophysics.

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Words ”Michael Foale’s childhood”

An astronaut – Michael Foale

flight – ett flyg
space – rymden
capsule – (rymd)kapsel
moon – måne
physics – fysik
astronaut – astronaut
pilot – pilot
career – karriär
mission – uppdrag
specialist – specialist/expert
astrophysics – astrofysik
NASA – amerikanskt rymdforskningscentrum
(National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

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Words ”Huge floods in Houston”

Huge floods in Houston

floods – översvämningar
huge – enorma
battered – lamslog
abandoned – övergivna
evacuate – evakuera
cut off – avstängd
inflatable – uppblåsbar
escape – fly/komma undan
expected – förväntas
a whole year’s – ett helt års
rainfall – regnfall
forced – tvingade

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