-Märta- 🙂
My name is Märta, Im 11 years old. My birthday is 20th Of Mars.In my Family we are 5, Me,My Parents Anna & Christer and my older Sisters Emmy & Ida, Ida doesent live at home anymore she is 21.And I forgot! My 2 Dogs, Bosse & Vilmer They are the most playful and lazy dogs ever!!
I live in Hallsberg in a white house on a Hill! Or not really tho but yeah kind off…In my Spare time I like to be playing flute or Play with friends :3 On the evening I like to be watching Youtube,My favorite Youtuber is Reaktion Time. my bed time is 9 o clock…
I have a big big family And its Mom,Dad,Emmy And Ida..Cousins –> Max,Noel,Judit And Leo..Second cousin—> another Leo, I have much second cousins but i dont know who they all is..Other –> grandmother👵🏼,Grandfather👴🏼, <–Moms parents Dads Parents –> Grandmother👵🏼,Grandfather👴🏼, Moms sister Mia,Dads sister Carolina…Ok I cant rember everyone
When I grow up I want to be a teacher Or maybe a builder I dont know yet! BUT NEVER A PILOT! IM SCARED OF FLYING! IF I MAKE 1 MISTAKE ILL MABYE DIE! O_O…But enyways I want to live in Örebro or Hallsberg when I grow up.
More about me💁🏻, my favourite colour is lime green💚. My favourite food is chicken🐓. My favourite subject in school is Sience⚗ and English🇬🇧 And Arts🃏!.My new favourite country is Gambia🇬🇲



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